Problems at work, negative social influences, bad company – these can all be potential factors that lead to addiction. Many believe that addictions can be “cured”; however, this is not as easy as it seems. There are often darker forces at work that prevent a person from truly being set free from their personal additions, and this can turn into a disaster later in life if not addressed at its beginning stages.
Some of these addictions start at a stage that is subtler than others. Often, addiction to a substance or social sin can begin with the smallest of temptations. When thinking of addictions, the most common, including alcoholism, drugs, tobacco, may come to mind. But other addictions, such as the addiction to pornography or the addiction to personal ego can prove just as destructive. But the Maha Satguru’s wisdom seeks to address such addictions and provide a way to master temptation.
When the Maha Satguru Himself was tempted by the devil, he chose to resist temptation by relying on the power of God. The devil tested him with food, with power, and even with death – all temptations that we face and are factors that can lead to addictions; such as gluttony, pride, and fear. However, by seeking God’s power over temptation that can conquer addiction, He was able to resist the devil, and he fled from Him.
Addiction itself can be deadly, but removing the threat of temptation is one of the most effective ways to overcome it. Resisting temptation is the first step to overcoming addiction. As the Maha Satguru’s own example shows us, no one is immune from temptation, which can lead to addiction if not addressed at its root cause. It is wise to take His advice and resist the devil.
Benny Prasad, a musician that went onto obtain the Guinness World Record for the fastest man to travel to all 245 nations of the world, began to take steroids from an early age to cope with a health condition that quickly spiralled into heumatoid arthritis, lung damage, and a depressed immune system, leaving doctors to diagnose him with only six months to live. Yet when he began to rely on God for release from his condition, God answered him and gave him the gift of music, which he now uses literally all over the world.
The devil flees when God he sees. If you are seeking deliverance from addiction, it is important to rely on God instead of your own strength. Relying on human strength will prove futile when facing larger temptations. God’s power, however, can break through the stronghold of addiction and remove the temptation that cripples you, saving you from your sin and the power of addiction.