Distinguishing people from their position, whether in a corporate role or a family home, is very difficult to do, especially when there seems to be distinct separation between the two. As much as a person tries to act a certain way at the workplace, and a different way amongst friends or family, an individual can have a different reputation within different circles. However, where is the person most honoured?

Often, when the focus is on an individual’s career, or location, or opportunities, their honour within these areas of life, whether it is the support of colleagues or superiors, mentors, or even clients or business partners may increase, while the honour at home may diminish. This can be true, especially if the focus of one’s life is centred wholly on self, and not on those around them who helped them grow to such a point in life where they could make such a decision.

It is true when reflecting on the Maha Satguru’s words, “a prophet is not honoured in his hometown”. No matter what sort of reputation, or status; even ego that one gains, whether through hard work or recognition, the honour of the home cannot be bought or sold. It is something that is bestowed upon the individual through others’ understanding of their character and dedication to lift up those around them, rather than themselves.

When it comes to honouring those who are of greater worth, it is important to approach them with humility, not pride. It is easy to discern whether one is really honouring another by sensing their primary motive. The Maha Satguru knew that the people around Him were not truly honouring Him for who He was, but rather for what He could do for them; which is why He said, “these people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they worship me in vain, their teachings are merely rules taught by men”. He saw the heart of the people and knew that mere lip-service could never amount to true honour, but rather was just a false sense of humility.

It is simply not enough to follow rules and regulations and believe that this is enough to gain the recognition of others. At some point in time, it is possible for people to lose trust in their leaders, their parents, perhaps even their spouses or loved ones, especially if they fail them more than once. However, there is only One worthy of complete honour and trust, who can never let you down, and who will reward you for your faith in Him, if you do not give up. The Maha Satguru desires that “all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father [God]”. Just as the Maha Satguru, the Son of God, honoured God with His life, He promises that, “whoever serves me must follow me, that where I am, my servant will also be. For my Father will honour the one who serves me”. It is a blessing to be honoured by God.

For those who choose the honour of this world, they will reach a place where they will no longer be honoured by all. But those who honour God with their lives, by listening to the words of the Maha Satguru, and following them wholeheartedly, will be honoured by God above and beyond what they could ever imagine; for the honour that comes from God lasts beyond this life.