When it comes to defining what love is, many people have different definitions. Some say that love is a force, some  say it is the strongest of emotions, and some say it changes over time. According to the Maha Satguru, however, the ultimate expression of love is sacrifice.

The main significance of sacrificial love is that it focuses on others instead of oneself. As the Maha Satguru says, “My command is this: love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”.

Oftentimes, we confuse love with romance; and this seems to be the case for many in these current times. When one refuses to love another, the other simply moves on to the next person; this misperception of what many call “true love” is furthest from the truth. The Maha Satguru, instead, shows by His own example that in order to truly love someone, one must be able to put their friends ahead of themselves, to look out for others’ interests instead of one’s own, and to be able to show their love instead of simply saying it. The problem with romance is it fades with time; love that lasts is based on a firmer foundation.

As much as we seem to chase after love or attempt to find it in the strangest places, love finds us through God Himself. The Maha Satguru clearly shows through his teaching and His life that as a reflection of God’s love, He was able to set the standard of the highest and greatest love of all. We also are not only advised, but commanded to love in such a way that we also begin to understand the significance and sacrifice of love; a love that is beyond and above us.

But how can such a love exist? And if it does exist, it is quite a difficult task to reach this standard of love, since we all see love through a different lens. However, in the context of the Maha Satguru’s teaching, He gave a simple example in order for us to see how love works. The Maha Satguru describes a vine; a vine which branches out and extends far and wide. Yet the vine itself is able to grow and its branches become strong through the tender care of the gardener. The gardener is able to tend the vine and care for it as it is continues to grow and bear fruit.

In the same way, the Maha Satguru is the vine through which we as the branches grow stronger in love and bear fruit, which is the example of love that others around us are able to see. As God the gardener tends to our needs and wants, His loving care gives us the ability to also love others. As we rely upon the strength God gives, we will be able to grow and be fruitful in a love that sustains both ourselves and others as well.