One of the core themes of the Maha Satguru’s messages that He taught His followers was on the need for repentance. It was something that they themselves struggled with, living under an enemy kingdom that sought to destroy them. But this same struggle continues even today; to consider how difficult it is for communities, countries, leaders of the world to admit that they are in the wrong and are in need of repentance; it is almost unheard of, let alone the individual struggle for personal repentance. Yet this is exactly what the Maha Satguru looked for in His disciples – true repentance.

In one instance, the Maha Satguru went to lunch with an individual known within the community for being an extortionist. People started murmuring and began to question the MahaSatguru, saying, “why do you eat with tax collectors and sinners?” To which the Maha Satguru replied, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”. By saying this, the Maha Satguru was showing that He cared more about those who knew that they were in need of forgiveness and repentance than those who were too proud to care.

From the moment that the Maha Satguru began to walk upon this earth, He knew that He needed to call those who were in need of repentance and guide them in the way of life. Though this meant that He had to associate with people of lower position – with the tax collectors and sinners of this world, He knew that this was a risk He had to take. Amazingly, it was these individuals who became His closest followers.

When observing the way in which individuals in this day and age react when accused of wrongdoing or sin, the primary response that we see is revenge, instead of repentance. This is because it is within our human nature to avoid the blame. However, this is not the way of the Maha Satguru. Instead, He calls His followers to repent and receive forgiveness of their sins, and become His true followers.

One of the final instructions the Maha Satguru gave to His followers before He left this earth was to tell them “repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached”. In this way, the Maha Satguru made sure that His followers would carry on His message of repentance to those who would receive it; as for those who are truly repentant, they will be accepted by God Himself.