Dealing with circumstances beyond our control can lead to a loss of energy and motivation.It is easy to be overwhelmed by the problems of life when there is no one to help, or there is a lack of recognition regarding personal contribution, whether in a professional environment or in a personal home. Nevertheless, when there is a stress factor involved, there is someone to turn to in the Maha Satguru’s teachings and examples.

While teaching His disciples and followers, the Maha Satguru provided a way to transfer stress, rather than trying to remove it. According to His teachings, He gives rest when we need it most, and His yoke (kadi) is lighter than our burdens. Unlike the modern yoke, such as the yoke that labourers carry, the traditional yoke is such that the majority of the yoke is carried by the stronger individual. Instead of striving to carry the burden ourselves, we transfer the burden to the Maha Satguru, who is able to handle the pressures that we experience and grants us His peace.There is often the temptation to carry our own burdens ourselves, due to cultural expectations to be self-sufficient and independent.

However, increased pressure placed on increasing responsibility and burdens can lead to excessive stress. The Maha Satguru’s teaching says that we do not need to carry these burdens alone; and once stress gives way to rest, there is no longer the need to be overwhelmed.In order to overcome stress, in work, in life, with regards to family, there needs to be a personal decision: whether to carry all the burden, or to cast your cares onto Someone who can carry it for you – the Maha Satguru. This can be a difficult decision to make, since in society, there is the assumption that if you are a mature individual, you can handle multiple pressures at the same time. But this can be a recipe for disaster if you do not seek the right guidance.As the Maha Satguru says, “ask, and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock, and the door will be opened to you”. If you want to overcome stress, take His advice; and you will find rest for your soul.