Since time began, man’s inclination has always been directed heavenward. However, different forms of beliefs, practices and ideals have led them in different directions. Followers of the world’s most dominant religions have seemed to impose their religious ways on others, which has turned many against religious and plunged others into atheism. The role of religion in our modern times seems to be rapidly deteriorating.
But the Maha Satguru teaches a different way. Rules and regulations are intended to correct wrong, but He teaches the way to forge a relationship with God that transcends human laws. A direct relationship with God Himself – free from obligations or rituals, but entirely dependent on His mercy and grace. This unmerited favour is a gift from God that is given to all.
The need for religion, however, has forced many into a ritualistic form of worship that God does not intend. Religion in and of itself has good intentions, but if humanity does not follow or ignores any of its rules and regulations, it becomes ineffective in maintaining God’s favour. This is why the Maha Satguru encourages a relationship that is committed to an honest worship of God as the single creator and sustainer of life.
As the Maha Satguru actually teaches against legalistic living according to human-made laws, He intends that we seek to love God by our actions rather than our rituals. By entering into a relationship with Him, we seek to serve Him above anything else in this world; this includes people, places, things, or anything else that distracts from focusing on God.
Despite the religions made by human’s understanding of God, the Maha Satguru shows a way to worship God in spirit and in truth. Following His teaching enables us to access God’s goodness without the need for any human intervention. This grace continues to bless His followers in their daily lives as they seek to serve God in a way that brings joy to Him. As the role of religion still seeks to follow human rules, those who seek to follow God will enter into a relationship with Him that will never end.