What blessings can I expect if I follow the teaching of the Maha Satguru?

The supreme blessing is mukti,redemption from spiritual death and hell into divine life. This eternal life transcends time, space, and matter.

The second and immediate blessing is shanti (peace) in your spirit, even while your circumstances still remain the same and not yet started changing for the better.

●As you grow in bhakti, in prayer, scripture meditation and obedience to God’s written word, demonic oppression, inexplicable fear, suicidal thoughts, self hate, addiction, bitterness etc. begin to fade and disappear sooner or later.

●God begins to communicate with you and guide you through the holy scripture, spiritual teachers, circumstances, dreams, prophecy, visions etc. depending on your need, desire and obedience.

●Healing begins to take place, either instantly or over a long period, in your mind, emotions or body. This depends on your trust and obedience.

●You begin to see the redemption of others for whom you pray or witness.

●Your circumstances begin to change in answer to prayer. Interpersonal relationships improve. However, you should not expect instant miracles, especially in unredeemed people’s attitude and values. Human will is the hardest thing in the world to change.

●Super naturals begin to happen in your material world. God does not promise affluence. But God meets our very basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, job, loving family and godly friends. Your trust and obedience matter in this.

●No two persons on this earth have identical background and needs. For a real estate man God may grant a large capital or loan. But for a research scientist God grants wisdom, not capital; for a corporate manager leadership skills; for a mother patience to produce heroes. Do not ask for what is not your need. If you insist, God may grant it and that will harm you. See I Timothy 6.

●God gives spiritual anointing and spiritual gifts to all believers (See I Corinthians. 12) to witness and serve others. When you obey God’s authority in your life evil powers obey your authority and leave from others whom you pray for.

●God nurtures fruit of the spirit in you (Galatians 5) so that you reflect the character (mahima, glory) of God. You begin to live for others especially for the needy. Others begin to live for you. Therefore you gain intense and eternal purpose in life.

●As he did with prophet Abraham, God first blesses you and then he makes you a blessing to our nation. The first is the means, the second is his end purpose.

●The ultimate blessing is that you reflect God’s character (mahima) and share in God’s redemptive responsibility. Thus you grow to become a mature adult son/daughter of God.

Oh Maha Satguru Yeshu

By your prayashchit balidan

You redeemed me from my paap

Take me from spiritual death to life

Take me from darkness to light

Take me from ignorance to wisdom

Make me your child.