In this current day and age, it is becoming easier to make connections. With the onset of technology, social media, even virtual reality, the need for personal gratification has become the ultimate goal of the individual, and society as a whole. The need for a deeper connection is the soul cry of the modern man […]


Considering the concept of time itself is quite difficult to grasp. Is time limited, how much time is left, can there even be an end to time as we know it? Oftentimes, it is necessary to be mindful of time and understand that time must be used wisely. The reality that time itself should be […]


When asked about the future, many do not have a definite answer. Some say that everyone ends up in the same place, others say there is no life after death, and still other claim that there may be a way to enter eternal rest, but there is no way to know for certain. Being aware […]


If we were to think about all the possessions we own, and then to choose our favourite possession, would it be something small, or something big? Thinking about all the material possessions that one accumulates over the days, months, and years, it can often be overwhelming. It is because humanity is caught in a materialistic […]


Distinguishing people from their position, whether in a corporate role or a family home, is very difficult to do, especially when there seems to be distinct separation between the two. As much as a person tries to act a certain way at the workplace, and a different way amongst friends or family, an individual can […]


For many, life is all about the experience – what we do, how we interact, who we meet; these all form a perception of life that is either seen as a good experience, or a bad one. But what is the measure of life’s existence? It must be more than just random encounters or one-time […]


Having an abundance of pleasures can be an aspiration for some,but for many,handling responsibility can be overwhelming.It requires a certain amount of insight to be accountable for certain possessions, or even to be accountable for certain people. As it is, the need for wisdom, especially in this day and age in our current times, is […]


As compassionate as some claim to be, determining the true measure of compassion can be a difficult task. What constitutes compassion in the first place? Having compassion on your colleague, or your neighbour, or a stranger may seem hard to do, but is necessary. How this is carried out can also reflect the character of […]


Most people in society would not describe themselves as patient individuals. It is very difficult to be patient when someone is pushing you, or demanding something from you, or even pressuring you to do something you do not want to do. The irony of being asked to be patient, and lacking patience, is sometimes a […]


What is life’s greatest possession? Some people may think of their dream house, or their favourite sports car, or their money saved away for a dream vocation or special gift. But perhaps life’s greatest possession is peace. It’s something that everyone seeks after, but few attain. Those who do reach a moment of peace in their hectic lives realise it is […]